Direct Binding of a Special Bluecap Fairy
Direct Binding of a Special Bluecap Fairy

Direct Binding of a Special Bluecap Fairy

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A bluecap is a fairy or a ghost that inhabits gem mines and appears as a small blue flame. If you treat them when respect when you go mining, they will lead you to rich deposits of minerals, crystals, and gems. They also forewarn deep miners of cave-ins so that they have time to get to the surface to safety before the cave-in occurs. 

There are many public accesses to mines, both above and below the earth's surface. If you live in an area where you are allowed to mine for the gems, crystals, and minerals in that area for entertainment or for a small fee, this is generally allowed because the owners of the property know that the property has already been thoroughly picked through. (Or so they think). The bluecap fairy will either confirm this or make you privy to the truth...that there ARE hidden treasures that no one has discovered to date! They will point you in the right direction so that you can mine to your heart's content and come out a winner!

Imagine finding diamonds, gold, rubies, morganite, emeralds, sapphires, turquoise, topaz, rhodonite, sodalite, crystal quartz, and many other valuable and/or hard-to-find, rare gems, minerals and crystals anytime you please! With a bluecap fairy in your corner, this will all be possible. 

When you adopt a bluecap fairy, the fairy spirit will be bound to you or to an object in your possessions that you choose him to be bound. This is done remotely. We will need a photo of the object to which he is to be bound, or a photo of you if he should be bound to your spirit.

After purchase, send a photo of yourself or of the item to us at, and we will be in touch with the particulars of the binding ritual.

Once the ritual is done, your bluecap fairy will be with you always if bound directly to you, or he will be with you everywhere you go with the object you had him bound to.

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Customer Reviews

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My New Buddy!

If you don't own a bluecap fairy or don't know what one is look it up like I did. You'll be glad you did. My life has changed so much since Nexim came home to me. You wouldn't believe me if I told you so just get one and find out for yourself! Or you can find me in the Moondance group on FB and I'll tell you my details. I might post in there about it too. Amazed is an understatement.

I love Ensley!

My blue cap fairy is Ensley and he always knows what I am thinking and feeling. He answers my questions before I can blurt them out! I am so amazed at how accurate he is when showing me where to start to dig at the mines. I only found a small pan-full of malachite the first time I took him with me, but I've been to other mines with him four times now and I have a huge heap of more malachite, turquoise, silver sapphires, and blue diamonds. I have one blue diamond that was appraised at over $7k! The best thing about Ensley though is that he always knows how to make me feel better when I am down and that usually involves words of wisdom and a trip to the mines for another successful dig! I can't thank you enough for him!

completely pleased!

I adopted Shakely, my bluecap spirit, in June 2021. The very first time I took him with me to mine at Garnet Ridge, Buell Park, I hit the motherload! I mined garnets there, and I cleaned up on onyx, peridot and amethyst in other mining parks, as well as on BLM land. It is better than winning the lottery because it is fun, and because I felt somewhat like I earned it rather than just picking the winning lottery numbers. I was able to retire at age 39, and I believe this is due to the way I went about it. Not asking a genie for riches but asking a fairy to help me find what I needed. I sold most of the gems and crystals but I kept the first of each specimen found for my own personal collection.

I now have my first turquoise, my first garnet, my first opal, my first peridot, my first onyx, my first morganite, my first amethyst and my first sapphire in a collection that I display in a case in my family room. I love that I don't feel like this was all just given to me without any work involved to be proud of. It wasn't hard work, but I put in a few hours to come out with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end, over the course of five months. Meta I will be sending you some specimens I kept from each mining lot as my gift to you for giving me the gift of skill for mining through Shakely!